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Swollen belly, bloating and Bacon: natural remedies

Posted by on Dec 28, 2016

Swollen belly and swelling at the waist? Here’s how to eliminate the causes of swollen belly with natural remedies!

The term “swollen belly” is a very common disorder that plagues men and women, but especially the latter, especially during the summer months, when the dreaded swimsuit season is coming!

The swollen belly, in fact, is a typical symptom of several diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is an unpleasant feeling of abdominal tension (sometimes painful) linked or gas accumulation in the lower stomach or in the presence of excess fat in the abdominal area. In the first case the specialists combine this disorder to bloating or gas, within the stomach or intestines, which fails to give up easily on our body. The accumulation of these gases in the abdominal cavity causing distension and abdominal wall spasm that often comes hard and aching, and eating disorders like diarrhea and constipation in many cases especially alvo.

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Belly swelling and bloating? what to do.

These gases accumulated (including nitrogen, oxygen and carbon monoxide) enters the body through a digestive disorder called “bloating” which is the tendency to swallow air during meals; the excess air, literally “ate” with food, all deposited in the abdomen causing the symptoms before mentioned.

Many doctors stress that this type of bloating is tied to many factors. It seems that high levels of anxiety and stress, hasty meals, chewing gums, carbonated drinks and foods that tend to ferment, cigarette smoke, gastrointestinal disorders, poor digestion and allergies (like celiac disease) drastically affect this disorder as well as bacterial contamination of the small intestine, excessive intake of carbohydrates and alteration of intestinal microflora.

In the second case the disturbance “swollen belly” is associated with the presence of abdominal fat, the most dangerous to our body because it can cause serious and harmful. This, in fact, has no harmful effects on the metabolism of our body, greatly increases the risk of brain damage and cardiovascular diseases (stroke, heart attack, etc) as well as the possibility of breathing problems such as sleep apnoea.

Studies confirm how this type of bloating abdominal fat gain-related belly is also linked to numerous trigger factors. The origin of this imperfection does indeed sought in high-calorie diet, stress, lack of adequate physical activity, regular little lifestyle and in higher levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Also remember that fat accumulates in the stomach very quickly and that is pretty hard to reduce or eliminate.

What to do in case of “swollen belly” due to the accumulation of gas?

First of all we follow a balanced diet that will help us to eliminate the bloating associated with accumulation of gas.

Then we eat and chew slowly, avoid fried foods, fats, foods that ferment food combinations or unfavorable and limit the consumption of carbonated drinks, foods that contain air and sweeteners. Consume fresh fish, lean meats, cereals, vegetables and fruits in appropriate portions between meals to avoid fermentation that causes abdominal gas buildup. To reduce this risk we assume in particular fennel, Blueberry, Apple and Mint bestofthebestpgarciniacambogiaextract.club because they possess a remarkable fermentation action and promote the Elimination of gases. Decrease the consumption of foods that irritate the intestinal mucosa (such as tea, coffee, alcohol, etc.), sodium intake and consumption of dairy products that are rich in lactose can cause bloating.

Later, to control this disorder, we opt to use effective natural remedies. Among these we find in the first place the charcoal (also called “activated carbon”), a great herbal remedy obtained by carbonisation of wood of birch, willow and Poplar from which you obtain a powder which possesses activity adsorbent. The charcoal is the “natural remedy” more used to treat bloating due to aerophagia and bloating.

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