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Hard Drive Failures

Posted by on Aug 1, 2016

Everything is currently going wrong with my technology. In the last month I’ve had problems with my phone, my portable hard drive and my QNap has RAID shared hard drive. If bad things come in threes then I think I should now be in the clear, but it’s been a tough month in terms of data loss and hard drive failure.

Failed 2.5 inch Samsung HDD drive. Impossible to read anything.

I only live 1 mile from Broad St office Birmingham. Please advise on procedures to quote for recovery of files via email.

I have a QNap has which has recently stopped working (possibly due to it being dropped). I’ve had a friend look at it and he believes it’s a hardware problem. It turns on ok but won’t move beyond the Windows screen. I’ve recently had an iPhone rendered unrepairable and I really really need my iTunes back up from my laptop onto my new iPhone. Is there anyway you believe you could recover this / assist and what would the cost be?

Have Buffalo linkstation NAS – HDD failed, has around 3 TB of data on it. Roughly how much might it be to retrieve the data? How is the data given back (do i need to provide my own ext HDD?)

Drove off with the laptop on the car roof. It fell and has possibly been run over by other vehicles. There are no visible signs of damage to the hard drive but it is not recognised when plugged in to another laptop and makes a sound similar to the sample on your site.

Do you think you could retrieve the files?

Could you give me an idea of the probable cost?

Once the WD external devise is plugged in to my laptop there is a clicking noise coming from it, having looked at the devices attached to the laptop it shows that the device (WD)is their but still I am unable to view my folder etc on the devise.

The Cost of Data Recovery

Data recovery costs vary significantly depending on where you go to have your data recovered. In the UK you can use a professional recovery outfit such as Datlabsdatarecovery and pay hundreds of pounds or you can take your hard drive to PC World, cross your fingers and hope they can recover it for £80.

Don’t use rubbish outfits like PC World, they shouldn’t even refer to themselves as a data recovery company. You’ve heard of the phrase “you get what you pay for” right? So using a professional firm such as Datlabsdatarecovery will cost you more but you have a much bigger chance that you will get your data recovered, rather than have your hard drive ruined.

It’s a fault that many of us want a service for the cheapest possible price but don’t stop to think that the capabilities of the service will vary greatly depending on where we take our hard drive for data recovery. Try and pair off price vs quality. If you pay “rubbish” your get a rubbish service. Think bigger and accept that you’re going to have to spend significant money to get your data back.

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