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Self-Employed Audio Transcriptionist

Posted by on Sep 7, 2016

I have been a self-employed audio transcriptionist since 1993. I work from home (which I love) and have a very successful business. I got into audio transcription largely by accident when a friend of mine (who was a transcriptionist) had to move due to her husband’s job transfer. She had only one small client and asked me if I would like to take it over, doing it after work for some extra money. “How hard could it be” I thought to myself. I said sure. BOY, WAS I IN FOR A SURPRISE! The one thing I’m not is a quitter. I would struggle until after midnight every night trying to transcribe about 15 minutes worth of this doctor’s dictation. He had a big word for everything you could imagine and could say them all FAST. I think I made about fifty cents an hour. I constantly referred to printed transcripts from old dictations that my friend had given me, looking for similar words, phrases, form, structure and so forth. I spent hours with my nose buried in a medical dictionary, all in an effort to turn in accurate, quality work. (I can do that same dictation now in about 20 minutes.)

Although I never recommend starting the way I did, I must say that after about 6 months of being in the trenches, I would stack my work up against anyone’s.

This endeavor motivated me to create a program to teach others audio transcription through a very practical, hands-on approach based on the way I learned.

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