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Qualities to Look for in an Advocate in HSR Layout

Posted by on Apr 25, 2017

There are many qualities in an advocate in HSR layout which would be desirable. As a client, you would want the advocate to treat you in a special manner. Particularly, if you are paying the advocate a very high amount in the form of fees, then you definitely deserve a good treatment. It is not just that. Even if you are not paying any money, the advocate is still bound to treat you well.

There are many advocates in Bangalore who take up the cases of poor people in the city who cannot afford to pay an expensive lawyer. They do this as an act of social service. Even in that case, the advocates are required to treat their clients properly. Just because a client is not paying any money, it doesn’t give the advocate any license to treat the client badly. It is a matter of ethics which all the lawyers learn as part of their course for lawyer’s degree. So, it is not right on part of the lawyer to ignore whatever he has learnt during his studying days. It is of paramount importance to treat all legal clients fairly. That is how law in India should function. There should be ignorance with respect to law.

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