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Getting Adjusted to The Aurora Assisted Living Setup

Posted by on Nov 9, 2016

Moving to an assisted living can be and is a big move for many. It will take some time before one gets used to it. For most seniors however, the time that they take to adjust to the Aurora assisted living is dependent on several factors. Some of which you, as their loved one have a big part to play in. Yes, you can make their stay in an assisted living easier. Below are some tips that will help make things easier.

Ensure that the senior home is a perfect fit
Before you enroll your loved one into any assisted home living, you should ensure that it I the best there is. Make sure that your loved one will be given the right amount of attention will still maintaining their independence. They should have some free time and have good food. The staff should be friendly and attend to them every time they need help.

Note that this is not going to be a temporary stay. You should do your research well. If you can ask around and ensure you get the best. You can also ensure that the home is close to where you live.

Help customize their room to be their own
If the room feels too generic, you could help them customize it. Help them own it. You could add some framed photos of their loved ones, some art on the wall, drapes of their favorite color. Filling up the new space with items that have sentimental value will help transform it to something more homely. It might seem small but the impact is great.

Visit them often
You should not help them to make the move and the completely disappear from their lives. Being around is very important for them to still feel loved. If you can visit by all means do. It will help them deal with the changes and the differences. Being dependent on someone else after being used to take great care of yourself can be a big blow. They need to know that they are not a burden and that they are still part of your life.

Ensure that the home has access to activities they love to take part in
Hobbies and social lives should not stop after making the move. If anything, they should increase. It is important that they still have access to the bridge club, Local Park and church. Maintaining consistency in their life is key. Do not seclude them from what makes them feel happy and normal

Provide them with a way to still feel independent
If it is safe for them to drive around, you can let the. If they cannot drive themselves, then provide them with an alternative option of getting around so that they do not feel cooped up. If they are into baking, cooking, providing them with access to a kitchen is a great idea. Let them be creative and forget themselves in the art.

It is expected that the first few months will be tough. With time however, things will get easy for everyone.

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